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Avaranchi is a fictional City in the state of Avaranchi in Ammadore. I drew this map in 1998, a few months after leaving the Regular army. Avaranchi City would be described as a large city in the middle of a desert comparable to Phoenix, AZ although the terrain in Avaranchi is flat. Avaranchi City


Here are the first of my hand drawn fictional city maps. These were drawn between 1987 and 2003. All of my cities are located in a fictional country of Ammadore.

My oldest map, the city of Cod Port. I drew this map in 1987 in 8th grade and then had it laminated.

Scanned on a 11 X 17 scanner

Scanned on a 11 X 17 scanner

Palatka. I drew this map after I moved to Melbourne, FL in 1989
Palatka, 1990

Reedsburg. I drew this map around 1993-1994. My first attempt at joining the scanned images in Gimp.

Valgary. Based off Rand McNally street maps.

Loushroute. Three poster board sized maps joined together.
Loushroute Metro

Cod Port metro area. A smaller scale map that I drew in 1990 and is drawn in the style of the 1:150,000 scale DeLorme atlases.